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Quotes by Jessiebaby

The best way to tell

someone you dont like

them is to text them


and tell them to read it upside down. (;


Format by Sandrasaurus

Monsters Inc 2 is coming out in November ♥
A Walk To Remeber is the cutest story ever ♥

The only bad thing about summer is having to shave.

I've been spelling separate wrong my whole life, i used to spell it as seperate.
who else?


 we could hunger with all of the crumbs that fall out of a Nature valley bar.

"I wasnt that drunk !"
"Dude, you told me to give you a ride home when the party was at your house."

Admit it , every girl tried to pee standing up once in their life.

Holocaust jokes aren't funny,
 Anne Frankly, they need to stop.


Go into a store, ask a stranger what year it is, when they asnwer scream

"YES IT WORKED!" and run out of the store.