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Quotes by Jessiebaby

1 Thing
2 Do
3 Words
4 You
I love you.

Every girls dream is to have a guy call her at 3am to say "hey baby, I just wanted to tell you you're beautiful.
Wake me up at 3am & i'll kill you

There is this girl Hannah, she passed away of cancer. She goes to my school. She tried and stay strong but lost the battle. She was a beautiful girl. R.I.P. Hannah Bankos, gone but never forgotten. ♥

Your knife
My back
My gun
Your head

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My dad on Valentines Day
Me : Didn't you think the glaze was a little sweet though?
Dad :Well, I like sweet things, that's why I married your mother.

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Of course im in love with you darling.

If I had a
British accent
I'd never shutup.


 Go get that thing near that thing.
Can you be more specific mom?
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I hate rejecting someone, it makes me feel bad.
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