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Hi I'm Jessica(:
I'm 13 , Ashley(xmccarthy31x) && Harley(ohyeahx2) are my loves . 
Lax && Soccer= Lifee 

Quotes by Jessileigh143xx

I see you did your makeup.
Someone misses coloring books,
Don't they?


I ask my parents a simple yes or no question and i get a Lecture

-Format credit to ThatsSoMeee

Straightening my hair should be an olymic event



hold your cursor over this quote.(:

landoniswitty's format. leave credit!

Hey I just F*cked you
And it was Crazy
Now delete my number
And keep the baby!


Dog logic:
Begs you to throw toy;
Puts up a fight when you try to take it .

No Smiley Face?
Yeah, well F*ck you, too.

Things No One Says:
Rebecca Black is an amzing singer.

Things No One Says:
Miley Cyrus is a good influence for young kids.

Things No One Says:
"Mommy I want a Kidz Bop C D."