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I've had showers longer than your relationships. ;)
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Why don't you slip into something a little more comfortable,

 like a coma.



When butterflies are 

in love;; 

do they get humans in their stomachs? 


nottt myformat.

6th grade, we were strangers.

7th grade, we were friends.

8th grade, we were best friends.

9th grade, we were a little too close.(;

10th grade, we were in love.

11th grade, we were begging to let each other know.

12th grade, we did.

Love is there, just give it some time. ♥

so today i was sitting with my little cousin Levi (he is 4)

and i showed him a picture of my friend anna and he said
'wow she is the most beautifulliest girl in the world! and she is gunna be my girlfriend!"
after i laughed and said "aw! your so sweet!"
he gave me a dead serious look and said
"call her now i want to ask her to be my girlfriend now."

So many girls are saying, 

they are in love with me, 
but they are in love 
with what i seem to be.
That boy that never cares about hate.
That boy that's always happy, always smiling.
But they don't know
how much 
pain this hate gives me. 
How hard it is sometimes...

to not break down in tears.

-Justin Bieber

                                                      Not minee.

American kid: You're from the UK? Cool, so do you like, have tea with the Queen?
British kid: Do you like, go to McDonald's with Obama?

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