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My name is Jessica Lynn.
I came into this crazy world on July 19.
I am a Gemini.
Nothing on my profile is jocked, 
and everything I write is mine.
I hope you like my quotes.




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Quotes by Jessssx3

I'm just a kid..
..I'm just a kid,,
...I know that..
~          it's        ~


?And do you realize
. That what you say,
Makes bruises that don't fade away </3

M a n ,   t h a t   b o y   m u s t   b e   s p e c i a l ;
If the girl doesn't even wish for snow. ♥
-Taylor Swift on S.N.L.  Musical Monolog. -

I like
glitter and sparkly dresses
But I'm not gonna talk about that 
In my monolog.
I like b.a.k.i.n.g. and 
Things that smell like w i n t e r . 
But I'm not gonna talk about that. 
In my monolog. 

La la la, 
La la la. 

I like writing songs about
douche-bags who cheat on me 
But I'm not gonna say that 
In my monolog. 
I like writing their names into songs
So that they're ashamed 
To go in public
But I'm not gonna say that. 
In my monolog. 

La la
La la la la la 

This is my musical monolog. 

I trusted you. 
You were the first. 
Then you lied, 

And it gets worse. 

& i hope you find it. 
What you're looking for. 

And i hope it's everything you dreamed you're life would be, 
Plus so much more. 

&+ I hope the sun shines;
and its a beautiful day.
And something reminds you, 
You wish you had stayed. 

twice in one week. 

I've been ditched for something better. They were the closest things I had to bestfriends. Only one of them actually seemed sympathetic about it, but she still didn't do anything about it. The other one just had a 'mix up', but I doubt that. Like other people, I feel like I'm not good enough. Even for my friends. Sure, I'm not as pretty as a Supermodel. Sure, I'm not as tan as a brownie, but I'd like to be. Its not like its my fault. If they didn't want to hang out, you could have just said so, instead of making plans, and then finding something better to do, then cancelling.

So much for a summer that I'll never forget. 

Meet me in the pouring rain. 
Kiss me on the sidewalk;
xx....Take away the pain....xx 
****  Cause I see sparks fly ****

Your gonna miss this. 
Your . gonna . want . this . back . 
Your gonna wish these days,
Hadn't gone by so ---------- fast.
These are some good times. 
So take a good look around. 
You may not know it now. 
But your gonna miss this.