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Hi, im a fourteen year old lost in a unending maze. I'll be honest i dont know what to write, words flow as easliy from me as rain falls from storm clouds but when it comes to talking about myself  i come up dry. I've never been good with intoductions and i guess it's because i think no one really needs to know me. About me...... "ME" how can i describe a person im not entirely sure of?  

"Lost more than ever, all alone in a room with a million mirriors not even my reflection looks familair"~



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 Im not giving up im just giving in...


I love you do you know that?
Do you even think of me?

You've been the reason that so many tears have fallen.
But you dont know i exisit.


You've caused so many emotions.
Would you care if i was'nt in your life?.

maybe youll find out soon....


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The  bitterest  tears  are  shead  over

the  most  beautiful  of  causes  ♥ ...
no matter how painful no matter how silly  

no matter how hurtful no matter how

many tears are spilled over it no matter

how many lives are lost for it no matter

how much sadness revolves around it is

still the most beautiful thing on earth ♥

R.I.P all the people who died on 9/11 you are all missed  dearly.


  I want you to hug me so tightly as if you'll drown if you let go of me.

Kiss me like you wanna be loved like you wanna be loved this feels like falling in love <3

Hope is my strength, love is my motivation and my dreams are my   perseverance.