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 K, so i'm jill ;*
I'm 13 years old going on 14 in July
i'm a mattachuchu ;-)
& I love summer, music, friends, sports, family, texting, animals, outdoors,  facebook, laughing, tumblr, &witty<3
Follow Nikki - nikkstuhhx0 <-- my best friend<33
i love one direction!
i believe that 
e v e r y o n e
is beautiful
in there own way
i just can't get over h i m its craycrayyy
okay so i'm different.. maybe just original in my own way
& i usually make people laugh, i'm just that type of person
 if you follow me..
i'll follow you back!
follow, favorite, comment !

i love you ;-*
your beautiful;   never forget ;-*
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Quotes by JiLlIaNtYnDaLl

Favorite This
If you hate your alarm clock...

going to the bathroom in school
and wondering if
you looked like that all day ..


when your parents sing,
and your ear drums start to pop.


Without me...
its just,

When  your gum,
                lasts    longer    than    peoples,
                               Rela tons hips
The only reason why

China is winning the olympics, is because they made all the equipment...

I swear

    I'm nocturnal

wondering where you would be, what you would be doing, & how you would act,

if you never met your best friend

When people

don't have the same 
sense of humor asyou<<<<<<<


Summer 2012

J u s t   t h e   s o u n d   o f   t h e

 sunny days, party nights, hot guys, water fights, beachy hair, tanned skin,beach sand, perfect tans, day walks, night talks, sleepless nights, pillow fights, spending everyday with the ones who matter the most, swimming, shopping, flip flops, tanning, sunglasses, bikinis, vacation, best friends, beaches, love, water balloons, slip n' slide, sprinklers, rollerblading, sunshine, tank tops, short shorts, lemonade,no homework, water parks, sleeping in, hot days, flowers,doing crazy things with your best friends, flirting with that one boy, you've had your eyes on for forever. Makes everything better.

But the best thing of all is

no school

bring it on