Status: Why cant the fridge have an unlimited supply of food??
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[No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.]

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Quotes by JimmyIsWeird

I didnt realize how long it has been until I logged back on.
Welcoming myself back...what a joy to see all of my notifications and comments beckoning me. Thanks
How can a person have better Witty friends than StyllLovesYou and BrighterThanAnyone
you guys are awesome :)
Josh_123 dont do this.
StyllLovesYou and I support you. Youre better than this and you can get through it.
That girl I met today, legitly thought that getting a cold lowers your tenperature.
We need to stop saying what love is about. It is different for everyone. Every relationship is based of of something different whether it is good or bad in your mind... Just saying.
My saviors:
     -my room
     -(unfortunately) food
     -that little place in my mind where i block out the world
I need advice... This is going to sound really typical but I like this guy. Ya... How do I not make it obvious? I do want to date him though. My friend told me to go ask him out myself, but if you know me, thats not gonna happen. Help....
I dont know if the explosion in Texas was an accident or not, but we feel for you texas.
That was absolutely horrifying as it is, but to even think that the marathon runners were raising money for Sandy Hook and were bombed is absolutely sickening. Our world is so incredibly messed up and yet everyone still wonders why I get so sick of it sometimes. They wonder why I am afraid of the future but they are just freaking blind.
I believe that if you are with a person long enough, you can become related. It isnt just genetics or blood that makes them family, it is the caring and trust between you.

Thats why I believe you are my sister. Thank you for being such a good friend, even through hard times.