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Hey everyone :) My name is Jocelyn! I am 19 years old and married. Some might ask why I got married so young and if you ask I'll tell you! I have 2 sisters and a step-sister. My parents are divorced and my mother is re-married. My in-laws don't care for me (dido ;)_) and I have a puppy named Ralphy. I spend my time reading, writing, and cooking. I am getting ready to start my next semester of college. Working towards Law School. My life changes frequently. The only things that remain the same are my love for Jesus and my love for my husband, Jarrod. We live in a small apartment and I Love it to death!

Details about me:  I am 19 (as stated earlier.) I am pretty tall. I stand almost 5'9" and am slightly overweight. I have naturally blonde hair and it is fairly curly. However, my hair is currently red. I have big, green eyes (which Jarrod loves) and small lips. I am pretty much a Hippie minus the drugs and free-love (lol) and I HATE conflict. I love animals and people. In wish I could help everyone and someday plan to adopt children from all over the world. I'm not rich but I'm not poor either. My husband works full-time and our bills are fairly low.

Random Loves :  I love music. I especially love folk music from the '60s and '70s. But I have a special place in my heart for Kellin Quinn. My husband listens to alt. Rock and thats how I was introduced. I love reading and my current fandoms are : The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, Beautiful Creatures. I love any kind of slightly creepy, edge of your seat, movie/book.

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Im moving to Alabama :)
Books .. stories .. fiction ... music .. food.. my whole life described in five words.
Tell me something crazy and funny :)
I've been feeling...honestly kind of depressed lately. I think it is against the rules to ask y'all to comment on the quote but maybe you guys can put something EXTREMLY happy on my profile? :\
Dare :) My most embarassing moment is hard to choose because i do soooo many embarassing things but okay so the year my cousin was born my aunt took us to get christmas pictures with her new baby. we were all dressed up and they had me wearing heels. Im like super clumsey and we had to stop at walmart for something. my aunt was talking to me and i just hit the ground. i just laid there becayse it hurt and i was soooo embaresses. my aunt was hysterically laughing and every one kept giving her dirty looks and asking me if i was okay.
If oppertunity doesn't knock build a door.
You laugh at me because I'm different? I laugh at you because you're all the same. -Daniel Knode
Even the greatest was once a beginner. Don't be afraid to take that first step.
In Love With You Chapter 3 Emerson was sitting across the table from Jeremiah. She tried to convince him she wanted to stay home, but to no avail. He picked her up around 7 and they went to get something to eat. "That is totally my luck, ya know? I think the universe has it out for me." "Oh come on, Emerson. He is a jerk. Why do you let him get so under your skin!" As much as Emerson wanted to go off about how he didnt understand , she knew better. Jerrmiah was with her through all of it. The tears..the venting...and especially the anger. She gave him a half hearted smile and tried to figure out why he didnt just give up. Stevens POV Steven looked across the street and seen his sister, Georgianna waiting for him on the park bench. "Hey G!" Georgianna smiled. He had decided long ago that her name was to long and decided "G" was an appropriate nickname. "Hey hon. You look like death what happened?" "You will never even guess who came in for an interveiw today." "Ummm mom?" She started to laugh but was stopped by the grim look on his face. "Emerson." She stated matter-of-factly. "How did you know?" "She was the only person that ever made you react so strongly." "Maybe this is my second chance. I need to find her." " Whoh now. Wait a second. You put that girl through SO much. You've lied and left and she has been living her own life now." "But, G, maybe she'll forgive me." Georgianna took her brothers face in her hands. "Steven," she began. "You lied about the baby..." (OKAY WITTIANS WHAT YOU THINK??!)