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So my name's Joci.
That's me^^(:
Uhhh...I'm really bad at filling these things out...
But anyways!
Im sixteen and will be seventeen on May 20th favorite color is purple!
OH! I LOVEEEEE dance, it's basically my passion.
People tell me I flirt all the time, but I don't see it!

So I made this because I don't really tell anyone what I'm feeling at most times and I needed some way to get out some of my feelings.
I don't really know how I found the website though..
But so far I'm totally in love with this website and completely obsessed with it!

Well that's about it.. talk to me some time!

Don't need makeup, to cover up;
Being the way theat YOU are is enough.


Quotes by Jociii

All I hope for is 
that I'm the first thing on your mind
when you wake up


and the last when you go to bed.
One of the worst feelings is being compared to someone.
Especially when you know you'll never be as good as them.


    Is it wrong to like the same person as your best friend?
'cause it feels really wrong.




 AlI want
is to see you tonight.



Yep. I'm over you.
 f i n a l l y


[and love you a lot]





Where were you when I needed you MOST?

Why did you LEAVE me alone?


is not 
what it seems.
You have no idea
how much this means to me.

Crushing on a guy, 
with a girlfriend.
Why am I doing this to myself?