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Jodie Endacott is in a relationship with Food.
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They say fight your demons
But what if they have already
looking for a witty bestfriend

i dont care what you look like, if your there for me ill be there for you

I have kik so we can stay in contact and im buying my bb next sunday

Im 12 and my birthdays in september

Any offers?:)
Don’t go chasing waterfalls
Please stick to the rivers
And the lakes that you’re used to
I know that you’re gonna have it
Your way or nothing at all
But I think you’re moving too fast  
and the tears fell from her face
like the rain fell from the sky
"it's monday tomorrow."

i'll let that sink in.

Witty Profiles 40 up, 53 down  
1. Where self confidence goes to die.

2. A website which would be really good, except for the people. The so-called 'witty profilers' or 'wittians' hate anyone born after 1996, because apparently (according to a 'witty girl') a 90's kid is between 1986-1996.

3. A website, where people WILL judge you unless you're not popular. If you are, you'll have stupid suck-ups favouriting all of your quotes, following you and standing up for you. However, you will have a gang of haters who want your top-quote status.

4. A website where, as soon as a boy joins and posts something like 'hi, i am a boy' he gets 599495673 faves. But a girl could join, post quotes WORTH reading, and get 1 fave.
1. Omg, she's not popular, let's try and get her off Witty Profiles by leaving mean comments!

2. Omg, you aren't a 90's kid, we all hate you!

3. Omg, you're popular, I LOVE YOU! FOLLOW MEEEE!!!

4. Omg, your'e a boy, I'll act like I'm not desperate but I'll fave+follow until you like me!


i'm curious;; comment the date that you created your witty account.
i wanna see who's been here for how long:)<3
i've been here since 29th may 2011
admit it,
we've all attempted the cup song,
and failed.