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Me? Jealous?








be who you are and say what

you feel because 
those who

don't matter and

those who matter 
don't mind..


           feelings don't walk away, people do


 That annoying moment

when you have to keep

removing your


                                                                  because someone keeps talking to you 


Mum: your teenage years are the best years of your life!
you mean it gets worse?

Anxiety: Hey!
Me: What now?
Anxiety: Nothing, just wanted to worry you today.
Me: ...great
Anxiety: Hey your boyfriend/girlfriend didn't text you back, they're probably with someone else right now.
Me: ....
Anxiety: Oh your best friend hasn't spoken to you today either. They're probably sick of you. 
Me: ....
Anxiety: Your parents said they're really proud of you honestly believe that?
Me: ....
Anxiety: Where do you see yourself in a year? Oh wait, you can barely get through a day!
Me: ...shut up.
Anxiety: Will you ever rise to anything?
Me: Shut up!
Anxiety: Want to go out? Have fun, everyones looking at you!
Me: ...
Anxiety: Or are you always this pathetic? lol
Me: Why can't you leave me alone!?
Anxiety: Because messing with your head is what I live for.



Why be two faced?

if you don't like someone,

tell them.


A potato is better at flirting then me.

see's something

*heart breaks* 


ask me anything x