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Yeah, I'm ridin' solo
'cause being single is so much more fun.


Quotes by JohnGottiLuva

There is never a time or place for true
love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat,
in a single flashing, throbbing moment.
- the truth about forever (by sarah dessen)
if your not good enough for him, then he isnt good enough for you.
because your heart is worth more than he will ever be.
&if he cant treat it right then he isnt worth it at all.
'i don't want her ruining my life anymore.' her father said.
& then people wonder why she never feels good enough.

i didn't know where to put this.
You know what my favorite moment of myspace.
My first e-mail i ever got, it was from Tom.
Ha, i'm the only one who can say that.
--» Joe Jonas

bahaha, his facial expression makes it that much funnier
What is your sickest pick-up line?
'Hey, nice face! Wanna go out to dinner?'
or 'What's that smell? I don't like it, but wanna go out to dinner?'
--» Joe Jonas

bahahaa, i laughed when i heard it.
i wanna come back home to see your face tonight
cause i just can't take it. another day without you with
me is like a blade that cuts right through me. i can wait,
i can wait forever. when you call my heart stops beating
when you're gone it won't stop bleeding. i can wait,
i can wait forever <3
can't you see that i'm the one who understands you
been here all along so why can't you see, you belong
with me. standing and waiting at your back door
all this time how could you not know.
baby, you belong with me.
if you're not willing to sound stupid
you don't deserve to be in love<3
laying there with your arms around me, I felt so
comfortable&safe. my heart was beating a mile
a minute having you s c l o s e to me. as you
played with my hair + kissed me, i couldn`t help
but smile s t r a i g h t from my heart i could see
how much yu cared from the look in your eyes
it made me never want to let you go ; to just
stay wrapped in your arms f o r e v e r. where
nothin' else matters but you and me.    <3
Speak up little girl; Don't let them control you.
Let them know you have your own mind. be
who you wanna be. do what you wanna do
Don`t do what t h e y want you to do. Speak
up little girl. let them know you have a voice.
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