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Yeah, I'm ridin' solo
'cause being single is so much more fun.


Quotes by JohnGottiLuva

he`d rather be with you than anywhere else
in the world only because life is better with
you by his side.               --» the perfect man
Despite everything, all the disappointments
++ unmet expectations; Marley had given us
a gift; at once priceless + free. He taught us
the art of unqualified love. How to give it ;
how t o accept it. Where there is that; most
of the other pieces f a l l  i n t o  p l a c e<3
                                              --» Marley & Me

such an amazing book.
sometimes it's better to be alone
'cause no one can hurt you  <3
                     --» Meg // Hercules
and she said 'i don`t have any money to buy you
a christmas present, i'm sorry.' he laughed softly
& said 'you`re all that i need, i dont want anythin'
else.' she smiled and captured his lips with hers.

conversation between my boyfriend & i <33

there's nothing; you know; nothing else like music.
nothin` that touches us on that; uh; that d e e p e r
level. music can open up so many emotions that
we didn't know we had. it's the m a g i c a l thing
about musicals; you know; on the stage or on film
or whatever. l o v e s o n g s. they work so well
because m u s i c touches us emotionally ; where
words alone can`t.              --» J o h n n y  D e p p
about three things i was absolutely positive:
first ; edward was a vampire. second; there
was a part of him  --  and i didn`t know how
dominant that part might b e - - that thirsted
for my blood. & third ; I was unconditionally&
i r r e v o c a b l y in love with him.           <3
the one thing I’m scared most about right now is that I’ll lose the one thing that makes my heart skip a beat every second of the day. Having him there to hug, to hold and to kiss makes everything seem so perfect. He’s the one who makes me want to wake up in the morning, makes me feel like going to school and to stay awake at night. I smile and laugh every second I’m with him and it feels like time just stops when he’s there with me. I cherish the time I spend with him now because who knows if something would ever happen to break us apart. All I really want is him to be with me for me, not for something more. This is the first time I feel that I can’t screw this up because if I do, I know he’ll just leave and I’m not letting this one go because he’s real, the one that understands me out of every guy out there that I’ve ever met or known. I’m scared to get hurt again. Too many tears lost and too much time wasted. I hope that he’s the boy that’s going to be there for me always. The one who actually keeps his word and promises
even more, i had never meant to love him.
one thing i truly knew - knew it in the pit of
my stomach; in the center of my b o n e s;
knew it from the crown o f my head t o the
soles of my f e e t ; knew it d e e p in my
empty chest was how l o v e gave some-
one the p o w e r to b r e a k you. i'd been
broken beyond repair <|3       - new moon
And when her lips met mine, I knew that I could
live to be a hundred & visit every country in the
world ; but nothing would ever compare to that
single moment when i first kissed the girl of my
dreams& knew that my love would last forever
There are no monuments dedicated to me
& my name will soon be forgotten but I've
loved another with all my heart & soul ; &
to me, this has always been enough.   <3
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