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Yeah, I'm ridin' solo
'cause being single is so much more fun.


Quotes by JohnGottiLuva

Tell me my dear, can a heart still
break once its stopped beating?
                     ---» Corpse Bride
He made me feel right. He took away all the pain I ever felt. From my ex, my dad, everyone. He took it away. And it didn't hurt anymore. And he made me believe he cared, he really loved me. He was there. He was always there. In the beginning, anyway. He just made me feel right, complete, sane. He made me believe loving him was okay. It was going to be okay. Years from now, loving him would still be the right thing. I can't really explain why I love him, I can't explain why I love anyone. It's not possible. But I can put as much of a reason to some of it as possible. It's hard not to love someone that takes away all the pain you've ever felt.
As we grow up, there's gonna be things that we don't like the hookups that mean so much to one person and nothing to the other. Girls who like the same guy you love. You`ll meet new people who may matter more than others might but the guy who stays by you until the end will be the one. <3
-- Laguna Beach
Take my hand; don't let go; baby hold me.
Come to me; let me be your one and only.
so i can make it alright til' the monrin; hold
my hand baby i promise that ill do all i can
-- [amor conquista tudo] --
love conquers everything <3
I don`t wanna fall asleep cause I don`t
know if I'll get up& I don't want to cause
a scene cause I`m dying without your
love. Begging to hear your voice; tell me
you love me too; cause i`d rather just
be alone if I know that I can't have you

Jonas Brothers // Can't Have You

lines up in arial 8.
I'd give everything that I've got left
to show you I mean what I have said.

Jonas Brothers // Can't Have You
cause i was born to tell you i love you&
i am torn to do what i have to ;; to make
you mine. stay with me tonight      <3

Secondhand Serenade // Your Call

lines up in arial 8
take me with you, i will never let you down.
and i will love you now & forever.     <3

Secondhand Serenade // Take Me With You
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