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STATUS:is it bad that i hate myself for feeling paranoid?

Hey, I'm Seth, 18, Long Island NY, just a sociopathic monster who likes to write

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                                                       let go  .   breathe  .   dance

                                                         we  are  all  so   small

. . My heart wasn't strong enough . .

THE THING ABOUT Life is that it's always about chances, consequences, and choices. Whether good or bad, we all do/don't make choices and take chances that have given way to consequences that have huge impacts on our lives whether they revolve around love, friendships, or career paths. The thing to keep in mind is to realize that the world is a cycle, it gives and takes, pushes and pulls. What is meant to be will be as long as you believe it will happen and you work towards it. You can only have what you work for.


It'll be okay.
I'm here if you need me.


There's a certain feeling about showing who you truly and showing your scars to those close to you. You begin to feel yourself being lifted up. finally free to grow


and I told myself that night,
"Never again...never again..."


Getting hit by a car really gave me a confidence boost. Huh.


I know that things may not be okay,
I know really know what's going on in your head,
but just wanted to let you know that it'll be okay,
It'll all be okay,
so rest your head and be safe


I'll just paint a different picture.

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