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hi i'm lauren tomlinson

Quotes by Joojoobees2011

plot twist: the plot has been twisted so many times that it's back where it started

Who else remembers??
the triplets from the oreo commercial who work together just so ther can have their oreos

plot twist: all teachers took a whiteboard drawing class

\\I wonder if...\\

Just doing a survey

fave if you're in highschool,
comment if you're in middle school.

does anyonwant
 t o  b e  m y  w i t t y  f r i e n d ?



































































































































































^^^you highlighted that. didn't you?^^^

Plot twist: The police come before the big fight scene in a movie
Yes, i know witty has changed but it doesn't mean that everyone should complain about it. Just wait a while and you will get used to it one day. instead of bothering Steve
We should thank him
Steve has made a wonderful place where we can all go to when we need someone to talk to when everyone has turned on us.
Stop complaining and start being greatful.

P l e a s e,

m y   f r e e z e r   i s   h o t t e r   t h a n   y o u

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