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Im Jordie
No one knows the real me
it hurts

Quotes by JordanDerrekks

When your "best friend"
isnt there for you
The fact that you couldn't care less about me, just rips my heart into pieces
Make this BIG for Josh
My friend Josh took his life yesterday. He was an amazing boy, he thought everyone was beautiful. This boy could have changed the world. Since he can't, me and Taylor will. he always used to say to everyone; "Come as you are, and stay as you are." This is a Josh's challenge. When someone is in pain, or hurt, don't ignore it.. Help them. Instead of thinking about how somebody should do something about it, YOU can be that somebody. Josh was enthusiastic, hilarious, sweet, but all this pain was lingering in his mind, in his heart, and it took control of his body. He was reaching out and no one heard him. So if you feel like you have those chains holding you onto the surface; remember that God gave you the power to overcome ANY obstacle life puts there. So if you believe in God; it's about time you start believing in yourself. Don't resort to the alchol, the drugs, don't look for someone to love you the way God can love you. I could have hurt myself when Josh died, but I didn't. Josh wouldn't have wanted me to. You might think because you can't see him, or touch him that it isn't real. But don't walk in sight, walk in faith. And keep that faith, because their are things I can't see, but I still believe. BE the change, knock down the walls that are holding you back, and keep moving forward. No matter what you've been through, it's never too late. Forget about where you've been, and think about where you could go. Please Spread the word
I wish i could die and just be forgotten...
oh already a nobody
Why do i feel so weak?
When everyone wants me
to be so
If only my friends knew the REAL me 

I just wished someone cared
when things go dont go right
go left <3
You didnt love her
You dont destory the one you love
That akward moment...
when people use that akward moment to much