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Im Jordie
No one knows the real me
it hurts

Quotes by JordanDerrekks

I cant take it... No one obviously gives a f*ck

I absolutely love you<3

You say you love me.... but your with HER
You say you cry at the thought of me with another guy... but your with HER
You say I'm your world.... but you can't even talk to me <|3

That's not love. That's called a player.

When you look into my eyes
and say i love you and cry
i know your not lying....

then i see you with her
& the lies just stay & pile in my heart <|3

The Guy i am deeply in love with told me he loved me.... he said hes going to propose in 2 months... I guess happy endings are true <3
Witty Sisters Please help me <3
I don't know what to do.... i love this boy but he lives so far away... we went out for a year and it ended... we said we would get married one day & that's all i want i listen to sad music about heartbreak cause i miss him <3 The worst part: I'm seeing him tonight <|3
What do i do?
I woke up and took some Aleve

I woke up and took some Aleve

Then i realized that the pain of losing you... couldn't be fixed by a stupid pill 
You see a strong Woman
She's really just a broken Little Girl<3
Its sad that half the friends some people have, aren't real friends
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