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Quotes by JordanRae

I seriously hate the new Witty.
I miss when Witty was my home & happy place. It's just stupid now.
Bye Witty, it's been real. I love you, & I'll miss you. ♥

   Stop trying to grow up so fast. 
It's not worth it, I promise. I tried to grow up too fast, & I regret it so much.
You won't always be in elementary school where you only have 1 teacher, you'll grow up to have several blocks/periods throughout a day.
You won't get a Tuesday folder to bring home for your mommy to sign.
You won't get stickers for having good behavior.
Your bestfriend won't be the innocent girl you've always known. In fact, you'll grow up & probably not even talk anymore.
You won't always be short enough to play on the playground at McDonald's.
You'll lose all your baby teeth, no more Tooth Fairy.
You'll stop believing in Santa & The Easter Bunny.
Instead of playdates, there'll be wild parties.
You'll be so stressed out from all the homework you'll have.
You won't be 'cool' if you don't have designer clothes.
If you're fat, you're made fun of. If you're skinny, you're made fun of.
You'll have lots of heartbreaks.
You'll worry a lot.
Don't be embarrassed of your mom, she won't always be arond. She'll turn out to be your bestfriend; the only one you can turn to. Appreciate her.
Please don't grow up too fast.


Why do you send me so many mixed signals?
When I'm almost over you, you text me.
When I'm doing fine, you come up to me at school.
When we're having a casual conversation, you offer to come pick me up.
When something happens with your family, you still tell me.
Do you realize that you're ripping me apart?
Why do you do this?

I miss our pinky promises.


Why do I still love you?


Why do I care so much,
when you don't care at all?
Why do I keep trying,
when you make no effort?
Jessie McCartney's 'Beautiful Soul' will never get old. ♥

I'm scared that if I ever love & care for somebody the way I did him, they'll leave.
Just like he did.

wow, I joined Witty
May 29, 2010.
It's been a great 2 years. ♥

Everytime I hear that song, I go back. ♥