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I'm Jordan, but mostly known as Jordesus because I'm greatly worshipped. My friend told me about this site, and since she thinks I'm gay, she wanted me to check it out. Well actually we're together now, so I guess I'm not so gay anymore. Hum. But it looks interesting. And I beg to differ; I see other manly men on this interweb site. I'm sort of getting used to whatever the hell a format is, so bear with me. (This thing about a format was written a while ago and well, I never bothered to figure it out so enjoy the black.)

I like long boarding. My favorite color is orange and grey-all fifty shades of it. And I like orange juice. And cutting people with frozen waffles. And throwing children at people's houses. And Obama with a hair quiff. So Kik me if these things suit your interests, too; at
Da_Oj_Juice_ .

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You can't curse on here though.
Scandalous italics.
I can tell you that.
I have a soft spot for kittens by the way.
I don't care if you care or not. I just had to get that off my chest yanno'.
Everything I quote is filed under love and I don't know why and it's bothering me because none of this sh/t's about love.
E v e r y t h i n g k e e p s d i s a p p e a r i n g .
I learned how to make my profile all pretty and sh/t. Enjoy. Or maybe I'll enjoy because it is my profile after all.

Somone unfollowed me because of all these catpuns.
I think I'd be lion if I said I wasn't a little hurt.
This is pawssibly the weirdest way to start the day.
Purrrhaps I should stop. This is punbearable.
This is freaking meowt. I'm not kitten.
I wouldn't want to start any cat-astrophes.
I'm feline uncomfurrtable beclaws of this.
Let's all just paws for a moment. It can'tbe 2k14.
What's with everyone's cattitude?
I guess the cat's out of the bag now. Happy New Year.

Go to these sites and you wont regret a thing;

So my followers.. I'm not really into following and all and I honestly don't think it's impotant, /but/ thank you;
100th follower- Itsemily
111th follower- Xxnevershoutnever
200th follower- Mikaylasayshi
222nd follower- SuperEricaa/Cutorable

Thanks for a wonderful few months.
Read my last quote on how else to contact me, since I like talking to you guys.

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