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I'm sorry, but Witty isn't the same.

I've had witty since i was 8 and it's been my stress-reliever, my way out, the only thing i entrusted with my deepest, darkest secrets. But, now Almost everyone in my class has it, which isn't a bad thing, it's just i can't say anything now, and here I am, crying way more than usual, again. I'm not coming back to witty, especially if getting called a slag is the best compliment I'm getting :'(

Bye Witty sisters, thanks anyway :'( <3<3xx

The awkward moment when.....

Nah I'm sorry, it's a secret I can't tell you ;) lol xxx

Why is it when I'm most upset it's always the person I expect least to comfort me, that does just that!!!

And then the person you most expect is sitting there laughing at you.... i don't get it!! :(

To hell with them, I still love you so, I don't care what they say :*:*x

Things to do when you're bored in class #1 :)xx
Talk very very very very Very fast :Dx

Things to do when you're bored in class #2 :)xx
Everytime the teacher stops talking- clap :Dx

Things to do when you're bored in class #1 :)xx

Keep yawning untill everyone is yawning :Dx


those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer

Failing to plan is planning to fail <3xx

To do two things at once is to do neither :)x