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I love singing. I have a huge crush on a guy in my 3rd class, a pretty big one. I love to read I read almost anything except I haven't tried reading Mysteries yet. I have 2 best friends one is the one I'm crushing on lol bad news huh. Anyway that's me. I will become a U.S. Marshal when I get older nothing will stop me. So yup love ya thanks for following me!!

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She’s talking to angels, counting the stars
Making a wish on a passing car
She’s dancing with strangers, falling apart
Waiting for Superman to pick her up
In his arms, in his arms
Waiting for Superman
If you decide to kick me to the curb at least have the decancy to do it to my face! Don't tell someone who tells someone to tell it to me! You would hate it if I did that! Also you should probably include the reason you decide to kick me to the curb instead of just doing it cause you feel like it!!!!

We start to leave and Jess grabs my arm. "A word Bree."   

I stop and wait for the others to leave. "What's up." 

"You know I don't want you going." 

"Yes, but I told you this isn't even a disscussion that is open anymore, I'm going." I go to pull my arm free and his grip tightens. "Let go Jess this isn't a fight you will win."  

"Bree we can't loose you again." He pauses, "I can't loose you again." 

I walk up and put my hand lightly on his cheek. "You won't."  

He nuzzles my hand and I feel his breath on my wrist as he kisses my palm. "You can't promise me that Bree." He says my name like it's cotton candy to him.  

I lift his face up, "Yes I can."  

He shakes his head and looks down, "Please Bree, I can't go through it again none of us can. Please if you won't do it for us do it for your dad. What would he think and feel if you didn't come home again. I can't and won't be the one to deliver that news again." 

"You have got to trust me, Jess." I bend down to look in his eyes. "Trust me."  

"Bree I do, I don't trust myself." I stare at him confused so he elaborates. "If I go in there with you I won't focous on getting your brother out. I'll be focused on getting you out, I'm going to go to ANY and ALL lengths to make sure you get out of there. Do you understand?" I nod finaly realizing that he's saying that he would leave the team in there if I was safe to get out. 

"I trust you." My simple statement, one that I haven't told anyone since my mother was murdered. His head snaps up.  

"Bree...I....." He takes a deep breath, and we hear a stick snap. I turn to see Ari just as Jess lets go of my arm.



"I know we have to go get your brother. I'm just saying you need to stay here while we do that." Jess is trying to get me to stay behind he knows it's a trap to get me there and I knows it's a trap to get me there. I also know they are perfectly capable of getting him, if I stay behind. "Besides with you there we will be too busy focusing on you not getting caught then we will on getting him out." 

"I cannot stay behind while my friends go and fight my battles for me." I storm off, the only person who would understand would be my mom. 

"Mom they want me to stay behind. I don't know what I'm supposed to do?" I listen to her for a minute and I know what to do.

"Alright I know what we are to do." 

"No you aren't going Bree we talked about this." 

"I'm going and that's final Jess. We need to go in disgused as a worker. We also need a van. I want Noah and Crystal to find clothes, Brad and Cynthia find us a van." 


More of my book. Again doesn't turn out like you think it would. Thanks for all the comment!

"Did we all make it Jess?" I nod my head, and look at her.  

"Bree are you sure we weren't followed?" She nods and I walk up to her. 

"I'm not leaving your side do you understand?" 

"Yeah why?"  

"Because I don't care if you send them away, but I'm staying with you. I killed me when you died and it won't happen again." 

I hug her, and the smell of trees and flowers from her drift toward me as I continue to hug her. I breath in deeply I will never not have enough of her wonderful smell. I hear someone clear their throat and turn around to see Ari. I move away from Bree. 

An incerpt from my story. I'm up to 30 pages and still going!

Jess is here and he wants in my room, but he's still dressed in what he wore to the ball which means he came straight here after the ball. He looks really good I don't know if I told him that or not tonight. 

"You looked very nice tonight Bree." Apparently he was going to beat me to the complimenting portion of the night. 

"You did too." Really brain that's the only thing you could come up with? 

"Bree your father talked to me just now." 

"Oh what about?" I know what the talk was about my father just before the ball had wanted to have the same talk to me. 

He steps toward the door shuts it and walks over to me.  

"You know what it was about don't you." I gulp and nod, his voice was so deep and rough, but it had just the right amount of softness to it. "That's what I thought. I like you Bree." He pauses, did he really just say that? Did I really just hear the sentence that I have been wanting to hear for months? 

"Do you like me?" softly spoken as he tilts my head up to look into my eyes. Again all I can seem to do is gulp and nod. He breathes a sigh of relief before gently cupping my head in between his hands. 

So I have a story it's a bit long and witty won't let me post it here if you want it comment with your email and I will email you. Thanks


I'm falling into you this dream could come true and it feels so good falling into you falling like a leaf falling like flower finding a relief falling where you are.
There can be mircales when you believe. Though hope is frail it's hard to kill. Who knows what mircales you can achieve when you believe somehow you will you will when you believe. They don't always happen when you ask and it's easy to give in to your fear. But when your blinded by your pain can't see your way through the rain. Thought of a still resiliant voice says help is very near oooooooo there can be miricales when you believe though hope is frail it's hard to kill who knows what miricales you can achieve when you believe somehow you will you will when you believe.