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i wanna go back to our first conversation.

Hi, this is Jake's mom.. I wanted to let all of you know that he is no longer allowed on facebookdue to the choices he made today. He posted on facebook personal information about someone, that regardless if it was true or not, it was rude. Because he chose to try and make her mad by spreading personal information, I thought he should know how it feels when the tables are turned.
He wet the bed until he was 8.
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reason's why i'm still single:
✔ can't date the internet.
✔ can't date my favorite celebrity.
✔ can't date witty.
✔ can't date myself.
 can't date music.
✔ can't date food.


Today i told my sister that
when  it rains
some where in this world 

theres a girl crying
yesterday, it rained i found my sister
running towards the door wearing a raincoat
i asked her " what are you doing?" 

she's 4. ♥



I don't hate school
I just hate the teachers,the homework,the exams&waking up early in the morning.


&Who else has
those days when you hate
the world? And ANYTHING
that happens even
dropping your pen makes you
want to break down & cry.




Soo= I don't know what to say.
but I dont wanna stop talking to you



"People think Niall & I flirt while talking on skype,
But in reality all he does is
Eat in front of the camera."
-Demi Lovato
Going to:
paris x
new york x
london x
kitchen i'm hungry V
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