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 Hey guys! The names Julie but you can call me whatever you want. Im 14 years old and  I'm a freshman this year! witty is my life along with golf, guitar, school, and friends. Thanks for reading my quotes, I hope you like them! Ciao! -xoJuliee  

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afraid to be different// scared to fit in.

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Quotes by JuJuBee_11

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Son: I'm Hungry
Dad: Hi Hungry, I'm Dad.
Son: Dad, I'm Serious.
Dad: I Thought You Were Hungry?
Son: Are you kidding me?
Dad: No, I'm Dad


I'm sick
of waiting

For him to come

Okay, how much can I accomplish 
Before the timer on the microwave runs out?


The awkward moment
Where you feel weird talking to your guy friend anymore cause he's dating your best friend.

That Awkward Moment

When your in the car alone with your friend's mom

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----------------          I'm sick of waiting;
                                 ..............For something to happen
For that guy to come

For that chance of happiness

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Mom, I got an A- on my chemistry test
Mom: That's like a Chinese F!




I hate it when; 
A guy calls you pretty
but then you find out
he says that to every girl he meets






Whenever I put on hand

I use my wrists to open doors

Just once;

I want the fairytale ending