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Quotes by JuStLiVe232

you love me
i love him
she loves you
he loves her
why cant anything go right?
real athletes swim the others just

p l a y g a m e s
you think i want you,
you think i need you,
you think i would do anything to be with you,
you think im in love with you,
boy, you got it all wrong
dear deepest crush,

ive been waiting so long for you
i never gave up on you
no matter how mean you were to me
i had faith in you
but i guess your not who i thought you were
and im just going to have to move on</3

love, me

but moving on is so darn hard<//33
- -- - ยป&& it''s time to face the truth
i''m wayy to good for you_*
i thought you were my prince charming
but when i left my slipper you never
g a v e i t b a c k<//3
you would look so much cuter..if i shot you in the face