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ANYONE ELSE HEAR TAKE ME HOME ALBUM ON ITUNES? I SURE DID! OMG! Why hello deree, I see that my page has caught your eye in some odd way and you decided to click on it. My name is Julia, middle name Marie, and last name classified ;D I'm 13 years of age. I use to be a 54 year old obesed man, but I reincarnated to a teenage girl. If ya know what I mean(; My birthday is February 12th 1999. On Abarham Lincolns birthday. BIRTHDAY BUDDIES :D Comment if you is mai birthday twinsiee. I live in North Eastern Pennsylvania, and no, I’m not amish :P I am a long-distance runner. My whole family is runners. Mom, dad, aunts, uncles, gram, pap, cousins. I guess it’s a family thing(: I'm an unusual fellow, but oddly I am actually popular at school. Yeah, I bet THAT'S a huge plot twister for you.! Well, It's true(: I have a handful of friends, but only few of them mean something dearly special to me<3 These girlies are Sarah, Taylor, Louise,, and Sophia. Love them girls dearly.! Then my close guy friends are Connor, Alec, Eddie, Lukas and Dante. I also have my best friend ever since Kindergarten, Maia, who moved to West Virginia in 4th grade. But we text all the time and she's my fangirl buddy(: SPEAKING OF FANGIRLING, I AM UTTERLY IN LOVE WITH FAMOUS PEOPLE. I love One Direction, Josh Hutcherson, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Shane Harper (WHOM FOLLOWS ME ON TWITTER BIOTCHES) and Ed Sheeran. IF you wan't to be my fangirl buddy, just comment. I only have two fangirl buddies, so I need more.! I love One Direction so much, I nearly cried because I couldn't find a layout with ALL the boys on it. It's not that I don't love Niall, I love my little Irish potato, but I feel like I'm excluding all of the boys :( Sad face. I'm a very out-going person whom loves talking if you haven't noticed, so if you want to be mai fraaand, just talk to me.! I'd love to be your friend<3(:


Quotes by JuliaMarie223

My brother is the ultimate boyfriend
No, I'm not incest and dating my brother,
but the way he treats his girlfriend is magical.

He started dating her New Years Eve, the marching band (They're both in it)
went on a field trip to Florida. They went to Disney Land on New Years Eve,
and my brother, Noah, asked her out during the count down.

They hang out all the time. The way they interact with each other is so cute.
They always argue, not a real argue, over who's paying for what, and other
cute little things. 

We went to a family gathering a few weeks ago, and Noah brought his
girlfriend, Annie along. Right away it's like she was apart of the family. 
She acted herself and wasn't shy, she's so nice and funny.
During the gathering we played Farkle, a game which was new
to her. So Noah wrapped his arms around her waist and helped
her out on how to play. 

They're's so much more stuff I would ramble on about that's so cute,
such as them tickling each other, play-wrestling, playing video games together,
giving eachother piggy back rides, and everything else, but today
was the most cutest thing ever.

Annie came over and we baked two pies, a Peanut Butter Nutella Pie
and a Twix Pie. They would put the ingredients in together, and throw 
flower on eachother and do all these cute couple things that I wish I had.
And then after we we're finished with the pies, they went upstairs and
watched DISNEY PRINCESS movies together and my brother hates Disney movies.
I had to go up and check on them, and they were sitting in a recliner together
with a huge stuffed animal on top of them and they were cuddling
and watching Aladdin.

They are the cutest couple I've ever seen in my life.
It makes me want to cry.
And what's even cuter is their couple name is

It hurts to be without you.
It feels like salt pouring into my cuts
What did Obama say when he proposed?
"Michelle, will you marry me? I don't wanna be obama self."
All I want for Christmas is youuu...

To get hit by a reindeer.!
Today, I saw One Direction in NYC.
Louis Tomlinson waved at me.
Liam Payne and I made eye contact.
Overall, this is the best day ever.
2000's Century; My milkshake brings all the boys to
the yard, dam.n right it's better than yours.

1500's; My wholesome dairy product bringeth the entire populous of male individuals to thine yard, damn correct, tis better by comparison than that which you posess
Last night...
I watched myself sleep.
And then I flew away
Why name Hurricanes dum names, lke Sandy? 
Name that sh/t Hurricane Death Megatron 3000
and I gurantee b/tches be evacuating like they need to.
Google "Completely Wrong"
And click the images.
Google has humor.
In gym class while getting dress,
I heard this really skinny girl yell,
"Oh my god these jeans are so baggy.!"
She took them off, and read the size. Then she said,
"Oh, it's because there just a size 0."
I was like,

(True Story!)