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ANYONE ELSE HEAR TAKE ME HOME ALBUM ON ITUNES? I SURE DID! OMG! Why hello deree, I see that my page has caught your eye in some odd way and you decided to click on it. My name is Julia, middle name Marie, and last name classified ;D I'm 13 years of age. I use to be a 54 year old obesed man, but I reincarnated to a teenage girl. If ya know what I mean(; My birthday is February 12th 1999. On Abarham Lincolns birthday. BIRTHDAY BUDDIES :D Comment if you is mai birthday twinsiee. I live in North Eastern Pennsylvania, and no, I’m not amish :P I am a long-distance runner. My whole family is runners. Mom, dad, aunts, uncles, gram, pap, cousins. I guess it’s a family thing(: I'm an unusual fellow, but oddly I am actually popular at school. Yeah, I bet THAT'S a huge plot twister for you.! Well, It's true(: I have a handful of friends, but only few of them mean something dearly special to me<3 These girlies are Sarah, Taylor, Louise,, and Sophia. Love them girls dearly.! Then my close guy friends are Connor, Alec, Eddie, Lukas and Dante. I also have my best friend ever since Kindergarten, Maia, who moved to West Virginia in 4th grade. But we text all the time and she's my fangirl buddy(: SPEAKING OF FANGIRLING, I AM UTTERLY IN LOVE WITH FAMOUS PEOPLE. I love One Direction, Josh Hutcherson, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Shane Harper (WHOM FOLLOWS ME ON TWITTER BIOTCHES) and Ed Sheeran. IF you wan't to be my fangirl buddy, just comment. I only have two fangirl buddies, so I need more.! I love One Direction so much, I nearly cried because I couldn't find a layout with ALL the boys on it. It's not that I don't love Niall, I love my little Irish potato, but I feel like I'm excluding all of the boys :( Sad face. I'm a very out-going person whom loves talking if you haven't noticed, so if you want to be mai fraaand, just talk to me.! I'd love to be your friend<3(:


Quotes by JuliaMarie223

Not all guys are the same.

Yesterday, my friends and I were hanging out.
It was two
girls, and six guys.
I had a sweater on, but it was still
I told my one girl friend that I was cold,
and one of the guys over heard me.
He shouted, "You're
Then every guy proceeded to take 
off there
hoodie and was
going to give it to me.
One of them gave me one,
and they let me keep it over the
I'm wearing it right now,
and it smells so dang
good :3

                         White lips..
                                          eating all the

Love sucks, doesn't it.?
I was so bored today that...

I actually read the whole entire 55
page terms & conditions for ITunes.

Dont. Ever. Do. It.
Right now;
I have egg whites on my face,
which is burning like hell.
I got strawberries mixed with baking soda on my teeth.
It tastes like sh/t.
I have mayonnaise in my hair.
It smells disgusting and is making me gag.

Oh the things we do to be pretty.
Today, my doorbell rung, and my parents made me get it.

I groaned, since I had no make up on, hair natural, and had jeans and a white tank on with paint all over it since I just got done painting my room. Pretty much I was au naturale.

I was afraid it was someone I knew.

But it wasn't; I answered it and it was two little girls. They asked me if I wanted to donate to there school walk-a-thon.

I told them I didn't have cash on me, and I'm sorry. 

They said it was okay, and right before they left one said, "You're really skinny and pretty."

Then the other girl said, "Yeah, are you married?"

I replied saying, "Thanks, and nope, I'm too young."

She then said, "Oh, well do you have a boyfriend?"

I told her no.

She responded with, "Well you're really pretty and you should have a boyfriend." Then they walked away.

That made my entire LIFE, and I really wish I could've gave them some money after that.

(This is a true story, just happened to me)

Let's go crazy, crazy crazy 
til' we see the sun.
I know we just met but 
let's pretend it's love.
And never, never, never
stop not for anyone
Tonight let's get some
and Live While We're Young

- Live While We're Young 
by One Direction

That moment when an ice cream truck
sounds just like Pokemon music,
And you go out there running
And little kids are like,

"Wtf man."
Social Studies Teacher; "What direction does the Nile river flow?"
Me; *Omg did he say Niall?*
Me; Hand shoots up "IN ONE DIRECTION".
Everyone in my class; -____-

Actually happened today :D

I hate how McDonalds

now puts how many 

calories are in a meal

on the menu. I mean 

come on, I already feel 

fat enough.