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ANYONE ELSE HEAR TAKE ME HOME ALBUM ON ITUNES? I SURE DID! OMG! Why hello deree, I see that my page has caught your eye in some odd way and you decided to click on it. My name is Julia, middle name Marie, and last name classified ;D I'm 13 years of age. I use to be a 54 year old obesed man, but I reincarnated to a teenage girl. If ya know what I mean(; My birthday is February 12th 1999. On Abarham Lincolns birthday. BIRTHDAY BUDDIES :D Comment if you is mai birthday twinsiee. I live in North Eastern Pennsylvania, and no, I’m not amish :P I am a long-distance runner. My whole family is runners. Mom, dad, aunts, uncles, gram, pap, cousins. I guess it’s a family thing(: I'm an unusual fellow, but oddly I am actually popular at school. Yeah, I bet THAT'S a huge plot twister for you.! Well, It's true(: I have a handful of friends, but only few of them mean something dearly special to me<3 These girlies are Sarah, Taylor, Louise,, and Sophia. Love them girls dearly.! Then my close guy friends are Connor, Alec, Eddie, Lukas and Dante. I also have my best friend ever since Kindergarten, Maia, who moved to West Virginia in 4th grade. But we text all the time and she's my fangirl buddy(: SPEAKING OF FANGIRLING, I AM UTTERLY IN LOVE WITH FAMOUS PEOPLE. I love One Direction, Josh Hutcherson, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Shane Harper (WHOM FOLLOWS ME ON TWITTER BIOTCHES) and Ed Sheeran. IF you wan't to be my fangirl buddy, just comment. I only have two fangirl buddies, so I need more.! I love One Direction so much, I nearly cried because I couldn't find a layout with ALL the boys on it. It's not that I don't love Niall, I love my little Irish potato, but I feel like I'm excluding all of the boys :( Sad face. I'm a very out-going person whom loves talking if you haven't noticed, so if you want to be mai fraaand, just talk to me.! I'd love to be your friend<3(: