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Thee name is Julia♥ i lovee cheerleading&&basketball,. My friends,family,&boyfriend Stephen mean the world to me(:  If you folllow me i will follow back -everyone is  beautiful

Quotes by Julia_Hession

I want that kid of relationship  where,
 he'll go to the mall with me&i'll play video games with him,
he'll paint my toes for me&i'll clean his room for him.
 he'll buy starbucks for me&i'll make sanwiches for him.
I want a relationship where we can mess around,
 but also be serious.
I want a relationship where we'reetotally in love,
 But bestfriends at the same time.
Just remember, I gave a f*ck when no one else did.
It's funny how pathedic you are.
I don't care how we met, i'm just happy we did.♥>>>>
It hurts when you put all your time and energy into someone and it falls aprat like it was never there.
i need a witty bestfrieend.
Anyy takers.,?
That Boy.. ♥
What color is his hair:
- Brown

What style is it:
- in the middle

What color eyes:
-  Brown eyes(:

Cute smile: 
- Definitely
- Nopee
- No
- alittle bit(;
- little taller than mee(:
What grade is he in: 
- 8th
How did you meet him:
- school
How long have you known him: 
- About a 2 months

Does he play any sports: 
- no,but he likes bmx & he's doing lacrosse in the spring(:
Can he play the guitar: 
- Yesss<3
What about any other music instrument: 
- dont thiink so
Do you guys ever text: 
- Every day(:
Describe something he would wear on a typical day: 
- shirt,jeans or shortts
What's your favorite thing you've seen him wear: 
- ^^^
Where you're able to see his tattoo and abs:
 He doesn't have any tattoos
Least favorite thing:
- When he has to leave
Do your friends know that you like him:
- Duhh.. <3
Do you think your parents would like him if you were dating him:
- proob
Have you met his parents:
- noope
What would you do if he saw your witty:
- Probably nothing.. 
I guess you are,

just another lesson god gave me in life. i'll need the experience of the pain you gave me in future needs.thank you
 Somtimes, part of love is losing it.