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The less you reveal, the more people can wonder.

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I love you
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I wish you would

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He's a prince worth waiting for.


                                       Me: um mom you can stop cutting the crust off my bread now im in a gang

‚Äčit's so frustrating how
people only remember others
because of their mistakes or bad

Lie after lie, 
so effortlessly,
they fall from
my lips.

I know it's for
the best, making
sure no one 
knows the vile
truth that brews
within me.

Even you started
to believe in my lies;
now is that because
I'm becoming a better
liar, or is it because
you've become better
at pretending that
I'm not so fúcked up?



Fun Fact: "Nolo" is Latin for "Do not want". So, if someone says YOLO, you
can say nolo and they'll think it's just a stupid comeback but, in all actuality, you're speaking Latin which is classy and sh.t. So haha, jokes on them.

If I become a drug dealer, I'm going to say to my customers, "Now put that
in your pipe and smoke it!" and we'd all laugh and then I'd call the police because drugs are f.cking illegal.

Never underestimate a girl's ability to find things out

always be yourself.
unless you can be batman.
always be batman.