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i see you have stumbled across my profile or you're a frequent stalker haha. either way, Hey! my names samantha but i prefer to be called Sami. if you're wondering where i got my username it's not from some book or whatever. when i was younger me and my best friend picked our favorite candies as our usernames for stuff and the 801 is my birhtday. thats just to cover any confusion :) Anyways, i am 17 years young and i came into this crazy mixed up world on August 1st. below are just some likes and dislikes VV\\

[ + ] - lacrosse, pretty little liars, friends, crush, fam(ily), glee, movies, Katy perry, Taylor swift, Demi lovato, eminem, talking, singing, writing, the mall, shopping, act stupid in public haha, soccer, summer, etc etc etc.

[ - ] - stupid people, mean people, fish, losing friends, one direction (no hate), negative people, fighting, etc etc etc .

something else i didnt mention and you wanna know  ? COMMENT ME! i dont bite..... hard
always remember you're beautiful, unless you're a guy then i guess you're handsome haha. 

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