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Maria Villalobos Costa Rican born, Nashville raised. I'm 17 years old and hardly even get on here anymore haha. Senior class of 2014. Im friendly though so follow me on twitter (maria_viilla) and instagram (mariavilla_)We always take the sweetest rose and crush it until the pedals fall... mind your manners
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                                        I'm just so excited to finish school and move away to a beautiful city
                                          and live in a cute and cosy apartment. Find a job that I love, meet
                                           new lovely people, explore the world, go to new places I've never
                                           been before and have everything together for once.


I know i'm nothing special,
BUT I HOPE YOU WON'T REPLACE ME.                        


or until he changed his mind.


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fave this if
you're not the same person you were

a year ago.

Fave if you're weird 
                       and not afraid to admit it.


I MisYouOkay?
no long paragraphs stating all my favorite   things about you.             
 I'm  just  gonna  straight  out  admit  that    t   u   


when the truth is,

i miss you


The boys who...
kiss you on your forehead, let you lay on their shoulder, cuddle with you,
h.o.l.d your hand, call you [beautiful], text you good morning and goodnight,
let you wear their clothes, walk you home, hold your head when they kiss you,
and show you off in front of all their friends.

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let the fear of relapse
Get in the way
 of your recovery.

So i was flying a kite and and this guy actually asks me, "So ya flying a kite?"  I replied, "nope, fishing for birds."


follow me, i follow back, or atleast try to(: