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Hanna. 19. England.
'It is a most distressing affliction to have a sentimental heart and a skeptical mind'
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Quotes by Halcyon09*

Watch me grow my own damn wings and take to the air in flight in the face of travesty

Watch me escape the toxic prison of your reality and create my own in and within the clouds

Watch me build my castles in the air with firm foundations beneath them so they may stand proud and tall and shame you all

Watch me repair the damage you inflicted on my mind and soul and break free of the shackles of your standards and expectations

Watch me as I am born again, as I rise up, up, up in the air and decide never, never to come back down again.


Missing you comes in waves
And tonight?
Help me so but

Tonight i'm drowning. 


We fell asleep underneath the same sky,
To the beat of our hearts
                                         In sync,

Miles away,
So damn close,
Yet at the same time 
                                         so damn far away.

You asked me once why I was so afraid of opening myself up to people

Why I constantly restrained myself

And my feelings

And I told you

That once upon a time,

I prised open my ribcage

Willing to let someone in

And yet, people were too busy swatting at the butterflies that had emerged

To notice anything


I realised romanticised you

To the point that,

I wanted you to be my happily ever after

And help me live out my fantasy,

Even when

You became the Prince Charming

Who handed me the poisoned apple

On a silver platter.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
      - Maya Angelou

He hugged her

Held her tight, clutched her close

As if she was his only source of air

And he couldn’t breathe.

You were the boy who hooked people.

Entranced them, captivated them,

You were a wonderfully real thing

In our otherwise superficial world.


I was the girl who always gave more than she had

Never said no, and said

Goodbye without ever truly letting go

We were the idealists,

The fanciful,

The hopeless,

The lost. 


He was the night sky

And I was just a girl,

Who loved the stars

But was completely

Terrified of



Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know. 
So, maybe we don't need to know everything.  
Maybe sometimes Ignorance really is bliss.