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Quotes by JustAnotherBrokenGirl_x

I gave you my life.
You were my everything.
Turns out, a heart can break from more than rejection.

It's called a "best friend."

It's not like
you were my best friend,
or anything like that.

This is sorry
for the last time.

I'm Gonna Give
all my secrets away.

Dance like a fool,

Forget how to breathe,
Shine like gold,
buzz like a bee,

[Just the thought of you can make me wild]
you make me smile.

That's interesting,
ya know what makes me sad?

you do!
Mabye we should chug on over to mamby-pamby land,

where maybe we could find some
self-confidence for you,
you jackwagon!


I thought we were friends,
I guess I'm just delusional.

There will be tears,
but they're not gonna be mine.