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hello world (:
the names devan.
however, the number and adress are confidential. d:
i'm new to the wonderful world of witty.
so far, loooooovinn ittt. :D
i write quotes in my spare time about things that bug me.
like guys. d: or one in particular.. who's a total ass. ahaha.
but despite the asshole, i'm usually a pretty happy person. (:
feel free to talk to me whenever.
but it might take me a while to respond,
because even though i spend way more time on here than i should,
i can never seem to remember to check the comments.
but be patient with me and i promise i'll make it worth your while.
fave my quotes or follow me,
and i'll love you forever and ever. (:

well, that's enough about me.
if you want to know more, just let me know.
toodles (:

Quotes by JustAnotherDayInTheLifexx3

&& For all the girls out there stuck on a guy;; this one's for you:
You can get over your broken heart. Yes, it'll take time. It'll be really hard. And there will be many times when you just want to give up. And when that happens, remind yourself of his flaws. Whether it's the way he flirts with every girl in school. Or the way he burps in random people's faces. Or even just the way he rolls his eyes at everything. He has flaws. Find them. Remember them. And think back, I promise you he didn't treat you as well as you think he did. Remember that day? You know the one. When you got a call that he was sitting on some girls lap, just because you weren't there. Or the time he lied about being with his ex all day. Honey, he wasn't your Prince Charming. If he was, he wouldn't have left. So put down the Ben&Jerry's. Turn off The Notebook and the Taylor Swift songs. Those things can only help for so long. But there comes a time when you have to step back, and turn your back on the things that have hurt you in your past. Now I'm not saying to erase every memory of that boy, but learn from it. Get to a point in your life where you know you don't need him anymore, because you don't. All you need in life are your friends and your family. You've got the rest of your life to find the one, so don't stress over it now. He wasn't worth your time. Wasn't worth your heart.

reposting an old quote
sorry the fade sucks..
ALL credit to me!
took me foreverrrrrrr to make!!
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I'm the kind of girl who can always brighten your day, even if I can't brighten my own. The one who falls to quick, and can take forever to get over it. The girl who still can't stop thinking about that one boy who she knows will never even give her a second glance. The kind who knows he's a jerk, but would take him back in a heartbeat. And mostly, I'm the kind of girl who's live is far from perfect, but can still go to school with a smile painted on her face, not matter how fake it is.

making it pretty laterr.
got the ideas from other quotes, so partial credit to them i guess.
Everyone says that love hurts..
But that's not true. Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Everyone confuses these things with love, but in reality, love is the only thing in the world that covers up all the pain and makes us feel wonderful again.

sorry, the first line is suppose to be large.. it might mess it up. /:
saw it somewhere, thought it was cute. and not to mention true!
sorry if it doesn't make sense..
credit to whoever.(:
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So tell me;;
why does love always feel like a battlefield?
Because if you ask me, this isn't fair.
All the nights I've wasted crying over you,
The times I dressed my best so you'd notice me,
None of it was worth it.
And in the end,
I learned that you're just not worth it.
So now I'd like to thank you.
Thank you boy for breaking my heart.
Because you've made me stronger in the end.

all mine.


just needed somehwere to put it all
In a heartbeat we changed so fast
And now the stars are aligning
And the moon is setting
And I will be the best damn constellation
Thats in your sky tonight.

making pretty later.
credit to a rocket to the moon. <3
Isn't It Weird How..
Justin Beiber says "I'll be your ONLY guy, you'll be my NUMBER ONE girl."
Well.. who's his number two girl? And what about three?

sorry if it makes no sense.
I don't care if I got the words wrong..
Credit to me! ASK BEFORE YOU CHANGE!!!