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Hey, it's JustAnotherWittyGuy, and this layout is by Enrikute. A little bit about me
is that I am 14 years young, I'm a swimmer, and I live in a super small town.
My name is Noah, just in case you were wondering, and I'm a freshman.
If you want to talk, you should probably comment me when I'm online.
School is starting for me this Thursday, so I might not answer as fast.

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I hatiwheI'wearinmy
                   witthe fur.

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It's sad that more people have heard of
than people who have heard of The Script

Something like love


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the high-pitched blaring of my alarm blasted through my room, yelling at me to get up. I groaned, and tossed the covers aside.
I dashed downstairs, and turned my phone on. I counted to 30, crossing my fingers there wasn't a text from Brianne. There wasn't. My heart skipped a beat as I flipped my phone sideways, and began typing a message to Brianne.
Goodmorning gorgeous, I missed you. How did you sleep? :)
I pressed send, and went back upstairs to take a shower, and get ready for my long day ahead.
By the time I finally got ready, I knew she would text back, she always did. I checked my phone.
*1 New Text Message*
I quickly opened my phone, and read my text
goodmorning, John:) I missed you.
My heart skipped a beat. I was already off to a great start.
What could posisbly go wrong? 

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                            appreciate it a lot if you would read this     [x[x[x] 
                              It started in 6th grade, I had just moved to Iowa from
                              North Carolina, where everyone was friends in my
                              school. I had moved before, but I wasn't expecting
                              the best, so that I wouldn't be as negative. I vividly
                              remember the day when I walked those halls the
                              first day, people snickering, pointing, and throwing
                              out words that eventually started me cutting. Ater
                              two years of torture, I forced my mother to make me
                              change schools, to only find out, that the difference
                              changing schools made, was very small. I have now
                              come to a conclusion that I wasn't worth life, and I
                              overdosed, and attempted suicide. This was about
                              a yaer ago. 


Turning up the  
TV really loud because you're eating something crunchy

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Ugly girls are like unicorns
                                                             They don't exist.

Million dollar Idea:
Chocolate nerds called Urkels

when you get it... I follow back ^.^

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you: hey sexy
*relationship lasts 2 months*
me: goodmorning beautiful, I  missed you.
*relationship lasts 2 years*

nmf - i follow back ^.^

"If yoaskeme how
I'm doin, I would say I'm doin just fine. I would lie and say that you're not on my mind."


Hearing a song you really like on the radio

and trying to remember part of

so you can Google it when you get home.

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