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Hey, it's JustAnotherWittyGuy, and this layout is by Enrikute. A little bit about me
is that I am 14 years young, I'm a swimmer, and I live in a super small town.
My name is Noah, just in case you were wondering, and I'm a freshman.
If you want to talk, you should probably comment me when I'm online.
School is starting for me this Thursday, so I might not answer as fast.

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Accused & Abused
(Based on a true story)
Chapter 4
With a burst of sudden energy, I dashed out of the kitchen, and up the stairs. I pounced on my bed, and waited. The pitter-patter of light footsteps of someone coming up the stairs. Oh God, I told my self, please don't be Dad, please don't be Dad, please don't be Dad.
A shadow of the figure coming became clearer, and I shut my eyes in desperation, pretending to be asleep. 
"Noah?" I heard the much more welcoming voice, of my Mom. I sat up from my bed slowly, still trying to pretend that I was sleeping.
"Yes, Mom?" I asked.
"Put on some clean clothes, we're going into town for some errands." She said.
"Okay." I said with a sigh of relief. She left the room, I brushed my hand across, feeling the wad of money, still resting in my pocket. Thisi was my chance, I thought. My escape.
I put on clean clothes, and rusehd outside, where my mom was waiting in the driveway, in her car.
I got in the car, and the setting was completely changed. The air conditioning blowing back my hair, the radio set to the Oprah Radio Show, and everything was... normal?..
I slammed the door shut, and we drove away into town, which happened to be only a couple minutes away.
"Here we are." My mom said, as she parked into the towns most popular diner.
"Why are we eating here?" I asked.
"Because, I want you to meet someone." My mom told me, with a slight grin.
We walked into the diner. My mom mentioned something to the waitress, and we went into the table section of the diner. We walked through about half of the tables, when a middle-aged man flagged her down.
"Over here!" He said with a grin.
My mom chuckled, and led me to the table.
The man had an aftershave, black and grey hair, glasses, and he was in very dressy chlothes.
The man stood up, and pulled back the chair for my mom. She sat down, very formally. 
He pushed the chair back for her.... 
and gently kissed her on the lips

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Accused & Abused
(Based on a true story)
Chapter 3
I woke up the next morning groggy and weak, lying in the bathtub. The bathtub was covered in a dark red splotches. I was bleeding? I instinctively pulled up my shirt, and looked in the mirror. A massive purple lump placed above my chest. Sh*t, I thought, as I touched the lump. 
"Ahh!" I screamed. The pain surged through my cut and bruise, and transferred to the counter, which I hit, hoping the pain would go away. I dropped my shirt back down on my scrawny pale body and bent down to look under the crack of the door. I didn't see anyone's shadow. I slowly walked out. I peered around the corner, and into my what looked like my Dad's empty office. 
The stairs creeked as I tumbled down them, like a dinasaur chasing prey. I hopped off the last step, and walked into the kitchen. I noticed a slip of paper attatched to the fridge door. It was a note. It read:
Dear Noah, 
here is a list of things we would like you to do before we come home.
Wash the dishes, clean your room, scrub the bathrooms, and vacuum.
Love, Mom
Great, I thought, some time alone. I looked around the kitchen for something decent to eat, when something caught my eye. I spun back around and picked it up. My Dad's wallet. I opened it up.
429 dollars
I ran upstairs, and checked my wallet. 257 dollars
686 dollars, that was enough to last me months alone, I thought, as I shoved my Dad's money in my pocket, just as I heard the front door slam.

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Witty is one of  
the only places where you can get followd and not be scared

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that kid who makes everything you say perverted.

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Accused & Abused
(Based on a true story)
Chapter 2
It was only 6 o'clock, yet I was already famished. The smells of downstairs drew me towards the steps of my second floor.
"Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes!" My mother called.
"Okay." I yelled back.
The steps creaked and the sounds of heavy breathing became clearer and clearer. I dashed into my room, seeking safety. My hand reached for the lock, but it was too late. The door flung wide open, slamming my face against the wall, knocking me to the ground. I looked up at my fathers eyes, full of wrath. He smiled deviously. He kicked me in the gut, and I lost all breath.
I stood up, with the last of the courage that I had left, and ran to the bathroom, and locked the door. Within seconds, the door was being hammered on. 
"Open the d*mn door, Noah." My father yelled.
I didn't answer. I crawled into the corner, and looked back at the door just in time to see a knife cutting in, on the side of the door.
"Open the door." My father said forcefully.
"Sweetie, is that you?" My mother called out to him.
"No, I'm just with Noah, upstairs." He called back.
"Would you come down and help me with the dishes?"
My father moaned, and stomped back downstairs, leaving me trapped in my own bathroom, with the smell of food lingering in my nose. 
Five minutes passed, and my Mom called, saying it was time for dinner. I stayed in the bathroom, vigilant for anyone trying to get in. I knew I would be in here for a while.

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A goodmorning  
kiss alone can help prevent stress-related illnesses..
No wonder I have so much stress... hey you!! Come kiss me goodmorning!

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