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Tell me you love me,
and I'll be yours forever
hi, i'm emily[:
14; freshman; massachusetts
alrightyy.so if you guys wanna know about me, keep reading.
i play basketball, run track, & am learning how to play field hockeyy(:
i love shopping. like, too much. i have waaaaay too much lotion & perfume..
i love all boston sports teams, REPRESENT[:
bruins, patriots, red sox, celtics.. woopwoop winners!(:
the boston celtics are a m a z i n g .  rondo<3
& the bruins, bringin' the cup to boston! WOO!!!
my birthday is january 3rd, sing for me?(:
i love nicki minaj, wiz khalifa, & the NEW BOYZ <3
& i like lil wayne, tswift, drake, jeremih, fabolous, lupe fiasco, & usher.
they're coolcats, they complete me(:
& obviously i like eminem, who doesn't?! :)
lighters by eminem. bruno mars & royce da 5'9 is amazing, love tht song[:
&& i also like how to love by lil wayne, so sweeet :)
i love justin drew bieber.
he's my heart and soul.
never say never is the most inspirational movie.
i cried 9 times during it,nbd[:
my friend caroline's profile is 
she's amazing, check her ouut!(:
& my friend jessie is
she's new,visit her profilee! :)
ooh okay! so there's this kid i like.
his name's nate.
he's absolutely perfect in every way imaginable.
he makes me happy:)
"hes my boyfriend, he just doesn't know it yet."
pretty much describes us right thuurr^
"you didn't love her. you just didn't want to be alone. or maybe, maybe she was good for your ego. or, or maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life. but you didn't love her. because you don't destroy people you love."
"every little thing is gunna be alright"
(life motto^)
"never discuss your weaknesses with anyone. because once they know them? that's when they take advantage of you."
"although much time has passed, i still remember our wonderful time together."
(makes me cry..^)
okeydokeey, well idk what else to sayy.
hm. if you wanna know more, comment? i love talking, hehehe[:
check out my quotes!?
if you follow me, tell me so i can follow you bacck!(:
thank you to my 49 followers, u d@ b3$+3$+!
justkidden, i don't talk like tht^
seriously though, you're amazing:)
status [9/24/11] ; i just wanna talk to him once. just once, and i could die happy.

Quotes by JustBeingMe3

& i know that i'm young,

but i also know that what i feel is real. ♥



ani'm jusssicantired

of meaning absolutely nothing to those who mean the most to me. </3



ani'm finallbeginnintrealize,

that the only person who will always be there for me, is me. ♥  



i'm smilinbui'm dying,

trying not to drag my feet. ♥  



anali need,

is someone who won't give up on me. ♥  



he was always there to help her

she always belonged to someone else





i'm shy.                             
most people don't take the time
   to explore the real me.        

»»»so i'd like to thank everyone who has
                   everyone who didn't miss out.



not every man 
with a mustache is a pedophile,
but every pedophile has a mustache.

-Daniel Tosh

and if today i don't

it gets harder everyday



out on your corner
in  the  pouring  rain

ask her if she wants to stawhile