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Quotes by JustCatchMex3

Almost everyone can see it, so why can't you?
I am done.
Done trying to impress you all the time, When you NEVER even notice me.
I'm tired of waking up extra early in the morning to try and look as good as I possibly can.
Dude, I need my sleep. You can go suck it.
I'm tired of burning my self trying to get my hair to curl perfectly.
And I hate hiding my face behind make up.
If you don't like the way I look, IDGAF.
I'm seriously tired of you and me insulting eachother.
I'm trying to hide my feelings for you.
You, you're just insulting me for the fun of it.
I may say, "I don't care."
Well, why don't you look me in the eyes to see what I'm really saying, instead of the lies that crom from my mouth.
I hate when I try to talk to you, nothing ever ends up the way I imagined it to.
But out of all of this, what I'm trying to say is,
I hate who I've become because of you.
I hate how I always lie.
I hate how I can't get close to anyone,
afraid they won't love me.
But... That ends now.
I will not change for a stupid boy like you.

This is venting. And I don't need it to look pretty just for you to see. And the same goes for him.
made for someone.(:

made for somebody who requested it(:
I hope you choke o
er tongue, while it's  down your throat.
Screw you.
»S a m a n t h a (:
it's my sister's name(:

When she says;;
Believe her.

Made By Me;;
I don't know if it's on here or not already though.

You said you'd never leave me,
Be there to hold and please me,
Sorry's just not good enough for you;;
Everybody makes mistakes and that's just what we do.


This happened at Walmart, Seriously.
My dad was handing me hamburger buns and this is what happened;;

Dad: Hey! Don't squeeze those!

Me: I didn't squeeze your buns

By;; Me(: