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Quotes by JustDontJudge_WordsCanKill

I'd rather write about this world, than live in it,
and I'd rather play music all day,
and read,
and wander around in book stores,
and watch humans,
but not be one of them.

I feel like Witty can be
compared to your favorite
shoe that doesn't fit
anymore, but you try to
jam your foot into it
anyway.  I feel like I
am unwanted here
and am taking up

- grace

{this is my opinion}

But I won't apologize for who I am.

BravoSierra's format
But you can still kiss me.
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im currently on strike.  against everything.  like, people are hating on me like they know me.  you don't know my scars, inside and out.  stop the hate, i hate myself enough already. like lmfao ok bye witty. i loved you so much...until the hate is gone.  steve, i love you but i don't love the people you put on here.
Come on baby with me we're gonna fly away from here.

Tomorrow is our one month

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We're beautiful
like diamonds in the sky.