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Well hi there. My name is Abi. I'm 12 years young. I smash my face in the cake on June 11th. I am in love with music, witty, texting, shopping and my hilarious, amazing friends. Speaking of friends, a lot of mine are here, on witty! Their usernames are, Neena: Camerakissinlosers, Colleen: Colleen_Mary, and Lexie: LEXIExTAYLOR. Go and follow them I'm really friendly and I love talking! Comment some thing and we could be best friends! Hit the follow button and I swear I'll love you forever!
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Quotes by JustDreaming

i would love you forever if you follow meh;) LOL SIKE I QUIT WITTY

hey i just  faved  you r   quote   and  this  is   crazy   but   here   is    my     witty   so   follow me    maybe.?(;

wait thats makeup?
oh i thought it was your birthday and you
decided to smash your face in cake


if you jump i jump  
-jack dawson *titanic*



boy: hey can i borrow a pencil?
this is all moving so fast!  

i wonder if i  ever cross your mind because for me it happens all the time



as i get older the more i really hate people.


truthfully i dont care anymore


i'm lost.
and i dont know what to do.