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leaving buh bye. i'm going to college and i need to focus on that. i'll come on once in awhile but i don't have time for it anymore.  

luv u all. foreva and always ~~

adeel, stay perf. we still will get raped together behind 7/ll and smoke acid pot. so don't you worry (': luv u.

joeseph, you're a fag. jk. i don't think i'm having that baby. sorry boo. don't get any girls pregnant, ok? love youuu  <3333

and michelle, you amazing bastard. i love you and have fun with that lifeguard (; stay chill ~

kk bye <3

Quotes by JustDropItLikeItsHot

Minsecuritiecould eamalive.

I hate you.
                                             Me: I hate me, too.

My wrists tell a whole different story, compared to the smile on my face.

Shwanted lovehe wantefun,
  Boys and mascara: they always run.

Peace sign up,

index finger down.

                WORLD OFF.

Overusing yolo 'cause yolo.


Hate is easy.
Love  takes  courage.


Me: Can I go to the bathroom?
Teacher: What for?
Me: TO OPEN THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS. What do you f*cking think for?


 I   want   to   live    one.

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