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Hello (:  <3

    I'm going to start off with my name. It's usually a good place to start, right? Please, call me Callie.  It means, "Most Beautiful" in Greek, but i think they need to check they're defintion again, because that is totally wrong. (: 
    I haven't found that "special someone" yet, and i'm not in any rush.  Yes, i've had my crushes, but those only last for a few days.  I have a thing for those pretty baby blues.  I realized all the guys i'ved liked had blue eyes.(weird, ik). 
    I have no idea what i'd do without my friends.  They mean the world to me, and they're always there for me no matter whatt.  Love you's(:
    Hopefully, you all enjoy my quotes.  I try to relate them to myself and what I'm feeling most of the time.  Like the quote? Please, dont be shy and favorite it(:  One click of a button and CAPOW, it's favorited. and you made my day favoriting it.  Have a comment? Comment on my page!(:  I accept good/bad comments....Feed back is feed back, right? 


Good luck Team USA!


Quotes by JustListenx15

Laying side by side, arms just touching
Sharing stories from our lives
The comfortable chatter
Followed by a satisfying silence.

You're holding me in your arms,
Lying on the ground.
You pull me close
And I feel safe while a
warm feeling rushes through me
I close my eyes, enjoying the moment.

You carry me away from danger,
I'm not sure what it is. 
All I know it's you.
I press into your chest
And you look down with your crooked smile

As I wake up surrounded by the morning sun,
I know it was just a dream. 


Just had to write these feelings down. 
Maybe some of you can relate?  Feel free to comment your interpretation

Nobody really cares

if you're miserable

so you might as well be happy



And I still find it weird

that guys are on Witty. 

Seriously, it's like an invasion of privacy.


not my format/fancy font.

When I have a Sharpie in my hands,

I must draw everything and anything.



 Was writing with a sharpie and felt inspired to write this :)

The Best Thing About Witty?

All types of girls come together to seek guidance, advice.

Nobody cares if your popular, geeky, average or goth;

We come together to help people through problems

Just to let them know that

They're Not Alone

G U M :
The Teenage Currency

S O  M A N Y 
One Direction Quotes!

W H Y ? ! ?

Dear Always,


There is no such thing as a Happy Period.


- Women with cramps

Mom: How did you do on your test today?

Me: I dunno..

Mom: Well, how do you think you did?





Me: Good?

Mom: ...

Can I get a thank god Hallelujah
You finally saw what she was doin' to ya
Your mama called it she was right
Glad to see you saw the light
Whole town yeah we hooped and hollered
She drove away nobody stopped her
nah nah nah nah nah, I'll say it again
someone give me an amen

-Amen, by Eden's Edge.