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It's hard to explain. I care about anyone who could possibly be reading this. I care about everyone that... I don't know. I just care. And thinking that people are so... let's just say 'insecure' about themselves, that they have to make others consider suicide..? Just the thought that people are willing to leave their own existence behind brings about a certain sadness, beyond the copasity of measure... I've had those thoughts myself. But when it comes down to it, I feel like I could help people. I could help you, if you needed it. I'm not perfect like everyone expects me to be. But I'm trying. If you need me, ever, for anything. If you need someone to talk to, I'll be here. Right here. Waiting. Or you could easily email me. Anything. Any way that I could talk to you, I'll try. I'd do anything to know that there's a reason for my being.

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...If I like your blog, I follow back. Here, and on Tumblr. I'll love you forever.(;

comment yours?c;
when i heard my mom talking with my hairdresser about anything.. including hot guys; it made me want a gay bestfriend more than ever. ._.
am i the only one that'd be okay with every other weekend, being a detox weekend?
i wonder what people's formats actually look like..
or if they even bothered putting one.
as soon as i'm skinny, i'll be happy.
until then; welcome to misery.
i'm trying, believe me, i am.
and as soon as i get there, i'm killing myself.
i promised myself that i'd die happy.

I was so happy
when I fell for you,
and you caught me...

But then you had to go
and drop me.


*looking through girls pictures..*

'she's actually kind of pretty..'

*next picture*

'...whale, i thought she was.'

there's almost no reason to keep going, anymore.
...so maybe i won't.

Why isn't your homework done..?
Lol, Witty.


I've always been afraid to make quotes.
Because I don't have the time to make them 'pretty.'
So no one would fave them..

It's sad seeing everyone say 'if they saw your witty, they'd know the real you.'
Because they wouldn't.

They wouldn't know anything more about me besides maybe that I make hideous quotes, and that I was in love with my boyfriend..
But if anyone that i knew read my witty, they'd know I'm heartbroken because of the fact I was in love with him, and he dumped me..

I'd be suprised if even you knew that.
I'd be suprised if you even read this...