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When everyone's perfect

no one is.


Quotes by Just_A_Little_Too_Addicted

This guy: What's your biggest secret?(;
Me: I have herpes.


Yes. I still listen to Hannah Montana.
don't judge me.
-Normal Couple-
Person: How'd you meet?
Couple: -tells cute story-
-My relationship-
Person: How'd you meet?
Me: We didn't..
Me: I'm so loney.
Person: Hi
Me: Go away

Me without you

i s l i k e
Mickey without Minny.
The night without darkness,
A dollar without George Washington,
A cat without whiskers,
Abercrombie without a moose,
A balloon without air,
Edward without Bella,
A vampire without blood,
Witty without quotes,
a perasite without a host,
the jonas brothers without music,
Lady Gaga without her outfits,
SharkBait without Whoohaha (nemo)
Glee without music,
School without homework,
Dance without moving your feet,
The ocean without salt,
A sunburn without the sun,
Adam without eve,
Zeus without Hera,
Grass thats not green,
A house without floorboards,
art without paint,
a pen without ink,
harry potter without magic,
The whitehouse without a president,
The world without laws,
A t.v without picture,
A straightner without hair,
Drama without a cause,
A flower without its pedals,
The earth without air,
A book without pages,
babies without conception,
Thunder without lightning,
The beach without sand,
A pothead without pot,
War without guns,
Harry withour ginny,
Ron without Hermionie,
Toes without feet,

& A heart


a beat

jayciecutie01s format jayciecutie01's format jayciecutie01's formaaaaaaaaaaaat hidde

- Starts project that was due in fourth grade-


tired of your bullshìexcuses

If you wear Crocs&eat black licorice
you will not be trusted.

She's got smilon her lips
and some cuts on her hips.    


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