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So I just scrolled down the Newest Feed and the whole 1st page was literally how depressed or let down you are.Please stop, there is someone out there that loves you and is waiting for you. So many people want to kill themselves now a days that its literally sick! You wont know the good things awaiting for you in life if you end it at such an early age. You might think that you're the only one that feels this way but I promise you that youre not. There are probably millions of teenagers, adults, that feel exactly like you. One of them might end up your love and you won't know if you end it today. So please stay strong because somebody loves you.
Okay so I haven't been on for ages and the layout really changed so how can I go onto my chat? :)
Ok so I need your help. My sister got a black and white female kitten and she cant think of a name for her. So can you please help? Shes a directioner so it has to be one direction related but other names are welcome. Thank you:)
Okay guys I need your help. So my sister got a kitten (female) and she cant think of a name. So please help and suggest something. Shes a directioner so its obvious the name has to be One Direction related. But if you dont like one direction just comment what ever name you like.
iPod quiz. Put your iPod on shuffle and answer thr following questions even if they sound stupid:

these are my answers:

Name: Fuc//kin Perferct ( Jake )
What do you do for fun: 21 guns (football)
Afraid of: Because of you (hippis)
Attracted to: Harlem Shake
Style: Shake Tramp
Think about: What the hell
Goal in life: you're gonna go fad kid
Dream about- Kiss you
Food: Stay
Live: Hey soul sister
What I do in the morning: The lazy song
Vacation: Skyfall
Job: Titanium
Obama will call you: Chelsea dagger
You become the president of USA: One way or another
Life Motto: Just give me reason
This long distance

relationship is killing

me! I'm moving the fridge to 

my room.     
Me: Wow. Gay marrige is legal in the UK. Way to go UK!
Dad: What? How can you  not be against that, I think it's disgusting
Me: Why would you think it's disgusting? They're normal people!
Dad: No they're not!
Me: Yes they are. If you were homosexual wouldn't you want to be treated like everyone else?
Dad: No
Me: Yes you would! You would fight for your rights!!
Dad: You know if God wanted gay couples he would make two men or two women, but no he made a man and a woman
Me: Only religious people believe in the story of Adam and Eve.
Dad: Sure
Me: I don't believe it, I think it's nonsense. We won't ever find out how all this was made!
Dad: I'm done talking to you, you probably belong to the gay side anyway
Dad: *walks out*

Wow well doesn't he just love me
Some guy  I do have abs, but I like to keep them safe under a layer of fat:)
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I hate it when I'm

singing a song and

then the artist gets it


I want to refresh my mind,

Delete all my problemse,

Undo all my mistakes

& save the happy moments