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Have you ever seen a monkey rollerblading & yelling like an old person? Yeah me either, [;
Hello pretty,  Well  lets  start with, YOU. Your gorgoues and amazing, don't forget it okay?
Me? Tell you the truth, i suck at these, [: but just for you sense you wanna hear about my dumb borning life, LETS GO! ♥

Well my life is Friends family and ipod ♥  My ipod is in my hand, all the time, sports psht hell yes. Basketball = Life, everything else, Poo. I am a dork, a spazz, CRAZY, wild, random, and purple. Yep. Purple. [: I am, see?
now that you believe me, read on.
I love to meet knew people, im known to make people smile, [:
BOYS! :D I dont have a boy on my mind, what do you expect? IM A TEENAGE GIRL. OF COURSE I DO. [: hes just a friend, (: A GOOD FRIEND. the kinda that gives you butterflies, and is in your mine 24/7 and makes you smile and laugh. Yep. just a friend. And im alright with that, because. He likes me. [: it makes me smile, but i'm not going for a boyfriend, so im all okay. (:
My name? Is just a name, my age, just a age, my birthday just a date,

Bekah is the name,  ♥

Okay im done >> Read that, [:
Saterday 2/19/11 - Today i cleaned Joy right? Anyways, i need to talk to him. my mind has ben racing all day, Checking for his name,  <3
Made a quote, CHECK IT. ♥ by the way, that quote isn't mine, all credit goes to ... whoever i put at the bottom. (: Okay your so bored right now, SO BYE
Next day im on witty! xD  Febuary 23
Well we had a halfa daytoday! :D YAY, and i can't get that boy ouuta my head, I LIKE CHEX MIXXX ♥

Quotes by Just_a_small_town_girl

God made you,
made me,
then he whispered,
Meant to be.

not mine, ♥

That stupid grin, ///

when he texts you first,

The boy who makes you feel so important,
The one who's eyes sparkle in the light of
night. The one who makes you feel like
an angel on a cloud, The one who can
make you smile when you have a
tear in your eye. Hugs are his
greatest touch. He's the one
my mind is on every hour
Hes the one i can trust,
hes the one i love &
I don't wanna be
in love with


there i was again tonight
forcing laughter faking smiles

same old tired lonely place

This is not my format what so ever,
No credit is mine, only edits.
I didn't know what love was, ///
           Until I met you. >>> ♥

I want to be that girl who makes .... ♥
the player, quit the game, ///

credit to whoever,


A true friend is someone,
----> Who can see the pain in your eyes, <---
While everyone e ///

believes the smile on your

>>> face,

clearly not mine - Credit to,  _uncomplete (quote) sweetiepie4u01 (fade)


You  can count on me like


                       I'll be there,

-count on me - bruno mars <3

If i die young
Burry me in satin, lay me down
on a bed of roses sink me in the river,
at dawn send me away with the worlds of

a love song .
Band perry, ♥
My format,


Sometimes I wonder >>>>

If i die tonight, who is really going to care.?

Don't know,
credit to whoever?