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I heard penguins stay together forever
Be my penguin?  .

Best feelings in the world
- sleeping in late.
- having no homework.
- being liked/loved back.
- first swim of the summer.
- a smile from that special someone.
- when people laugh at your jokes.
- hugs that last more than a minute.
- when someone tells you that you smell good.
- when he texts you first.
- looking at pictures from when you were little.
- being beautiful.
- when someone tells you they never want to lose you.
- finding those jeans that fit perfectly.
- making a stranger smile.
- listening to your favorite song.
- receiving hand-written letters.
- putting on sweatpants after wearing jeans all day.
- winning an argument.
- packing for a vacation.
-knowing you will be okay.


Hbrokmy heart
But now, she   { broke }   his.
|  I'm   |  just  |   hoping
he isn't destroyed
Like I was
When ♦   he   ♦   left      me
for her

Is that pathetic?

alexandra burke - you broke my heart 

90% of ocean remains unexplored and
you're telling me mermaids don't exist? f/ck you.

you guys should go to www.kidshelpline.com.au
if you need any help
you can go onto online chat with them
they will always help you out
and if you dony feel like talking to someone yu dont know
you can talk to me :)
i love you guys

Like if you have ever have been called ugly

All I want is

-A kiss in the rain
-You to give me your hoodie
-choose me over your friends
-to love me for me

is that too much to ask for?
 I want to know something  
 Is Gary from spongebob supposed
to be half snail and half cat
cuz whenever im watching spongebob and i see Gary hes always like....MEOW and im like
.........o.o what?!