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Status: Writing has always been my outlet; Thank you Witty for giving me a safe platform to share my soul
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Some times life gets hard ,
so i come here to get it all out .
Writing things is what i love,

and no one will take that from me .


 All the sayings&qoutes on my page.
Are one 100 % mine .


Quotes by Imperfect Butterfly *

Generation's To Come
By: Justice Elliott

Every generation goes through a new type of segregation. Different problems but the same level of responsibility never taken; At least not from the ones who should claim it. The ones in charge have the power to change things, they have it all but still take advantage of the people who work hard to get what they cannot keep. Our pockets are wiped clean, our purity turns to darkness and our hearts harden; its the only way to survive what we deal with in our streets. You may think you run your life, but in reality we're all puppets, controlled by someone from behind the scenes. Its the ugly truth so many rather be blind then see. But we're not blind, all we have to do is open our eyes. We're apart of the problem and its time we stop assisting in their mass genocide. Lets make a plan for all our sakes; we are the 99% which means the odds are in our favour. The 1% cannot take us, its times we show them the monsters they've created. The damage to us is already done, but we can pave a path much better for the generation's to come. Allow our children to be proud of the people they become, give to them what was not given to us. Many regrets but this will not be one.
Please don't take away the ONE thing so many wittians can go to.
Witty is our home when our houses are broken,
Witty is our savior from all that is evil,
Witty is a leader, the one thing that should be followed. 
                      Without Witty where would so many girls be? 
                Probably dead.  Please don't take it away.


Him - "aha just sitting here thinking boutt stuff"
Me - "like what ?:$"
Him- "iddk just a bunch of stuff :$"
Me- "is it bad?"
Him-"nonono :$"
Me- "Do you want to talk about it?"
Him-"idkkk:$ do u feel like talking bout you?<3"

   The cutest thing <33 :)

I'm alone 
Just want to die </3

my crush<3

say your crushes name 6 times
now make a wish about your crush
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now make a wish about your crush or money
post this in 60 seconds with the title my crush and u will get an unexpected talk from ur crush
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original: gabb
second: d

Please take your time , and read this.
It is a song i made , cause problems i am going through <3

and that's why i still smile , even with my head low. and that's why everyday is like a constant struggle . don't know how i do it , my mind is so low , but everyone around me believes that i am powerful. they tell me i can make it , that i am bright and beautiful. but its hard to listen when my life has been thrown around by everyone i thought should care. don't know why i listen , when peoples lies are bare. i try and forget , about the things that goes on , it isn't easy when you know you father doesn't care , and your mother has lost herself. you try and be strong for your family , but i feel like the world is planted on me. i am one of my own and wish nothing but the best , even for the people , who have done me wrong. no matter what people say , i will rise again. tears fail my eyes , while my heart goes dry. i care for everyone , when no one seems too care , to care for me. and when i am alone ,i sit and wonder why, was i a bad person in my other life ? am i paying for other , other peoples mistakes ? and i don't know how much , how much more i can take. i try and fade from this world , i feel like such a shame

My name is Justice and I love that I can just be be
And I live in a country where my rights are free.
You can try but you can't put me down , this is my life
and i will make my self smile not frown.
I have friends that are always by my side ,
and people that love me inside and out.
No one can make me second guess my self
because, this is me and i can be what ever i wont to be .